And so it begins.

Wow. That didn't take long.

White House Condemns South Korean Research

WASHINGTON - The White House on Friday condemned research in South Korea for producing human embryros through cloning and said President Bush would veto any legislation that loosens federal restrictions in the United States on embryonic stem cell research.

White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy said the work in South Korea amounted to human cloning for the sole purpose of scientific research. "The president is opposed to that," Duffy said. "That represents exactly what we're opposed to."

Do I need to point out how fucking stupid, insulting, and 50's Sci-Fi movie this "human cloning" bullshit is? No? Good, thank you. My head hurts enough.

Bush began the day at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast where he was cheered for urging people to "pray that America uses the gift of freedom to build a culture of life."


Bush recalled the legacy of the late Pope John Paul II and said, "The best way to honor this great champion of human freedom is to continue to build a culture of life where the strong protect the weak."

And to keep people stupid, fearful and ignorant, and to catapult us back into the fucking middle ages.

You goddamned Koreans... how dare you... research anything? How dare you use science to try and improve people's lives, rather than just put your faith in the invisible man in the sky to make everything awww bedder?

Bush won 52 percent of the Roman Catholic vote in last year's election and got the support of 56 percent of white Catholics, defeating the first Catholic presidential candidate from a major party since John F. Kennedy. In 2000, Bush narrowly lost the Catholic vote.

But of course. The King of the Narrow Margin needs that 2% to keep his non-job.

Jesus Fucking Flipping Flapjacks Christ.

(Cross-posted. Pardon my French. This just infuriated me.)

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