Is there any other news going on in the world besides the Pope death watch?! Fuck!

In other non-news, I just did something incredibly satisfying over at Big Brass Blog, at which I had crossposted my rant about the GOP having declared war on the judiciary. Some douche left the following in the comments thread:
Hi guys,

Can someone explain to me why the status of the judiciary is under threat? I don't get it. As far as I can tell the debate will focus on clarifying the laws which the judiciary is there to interpret. Sure, there's some emotive talk, but essentially it'll all be about the laws and perhaps senate going through the judicial nominees. All stuff that is perfectly legal and correct under our separation of powers.

ON another note, I also don't understand why prohibiting gay and lesbian marriage is unconstitutional. Please explain. Any help in understanding these issues greatly appreciated.
So I left a response, in which I (foolishly) tried to explain both issues, to which the douche replied, in part:
Gay marriage - wow! Why should someone who makes a sexual choice that excludes the possibility of getting married be granted the rights and priviledges of a married person? Why should the long standing tradition of marriage (which is not unfair or prejudicial in itself - it merely is), be changed to accomodate the sexual preferences of a minority? Why don't we change the law so that polygamous groups are entitled to be married - surely the discrimination against polygamy must end!

Homosexuality is a minority sexual preference / choice - just like polygamy and even beastiality. Marriage is an institution celebrating the union of a man and a woman. The majority sexual choice. It is the building block of a society, giving stability to a relationship by the legal recognition of it as an entity...
On and on and on the douche went, spelling errors and all, raving like a lunatic. I should have realized that the original question was a set-up, but eager to be informative, I walked right into the douche’s trap. Still, I gave it one more go, to which I received, again, in part:
You guys are real ignorant.

And you really do twist reality to your way of thinking. I see that there's no discussion on the matter with you, SS.

You have beliefs which you can't back up. You don't answer criticism - you just ignore it or talk around issues raised.

Polygamy - should we allow polygamist marriages??
Et cetera. So I just replied:
See, the thing is—I'm just so tired of having this conversation. And no matter how thoughtful and well-explained and reasonable my position is, you don't really want to understand it. You just want to tell me that I'm wrong and you're right. So consider it done. I understand that you want me to know that you think I'm wrong and you're right.

There. I'm officially told off that I'm an idiot, and you're still a fucking bigot, and I just saved both of us three hours. Ta.
And it felt really good.

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