But he only wants good schools, and fuzzy puppies for all

And yet another slug oozes out of the woodwork. Well, at least they didn't say "Alleged White Supremacist" in the headline.

McGuire, who calls himself a "European American activist" and rejects the label of white supremacist, says he believes he has more support in the community than many think. And he says he is committed to reforming Bozeman schools.

He says the schools promote homosexuality, strip parents of control over their children, ignore white students and promote other cultures at the expense of figures like George Washington and other founding fathers.

"White children are often installed with guilt and a feeling of being ashamed because of the way that whites have dealt with minorities in the past, such as black slavery and the killing of Indians," McGuire said in a telephone interview. "Past discrimination should not result in present-day reverse discrimination against white kids."

Ah, reverse discrimination. The bigot's favorite excuse. It's those dirty dark skinned folk that make us look bad! We didn't do nothin'!

Human rights advocates say McGuire is running only to promote National Alliance beliefs and attract new members.

"What he wants here is to stir up the pot and get some visibility," said Ken Toole, director of the Montana Human Rights Network. "The political arena presents a chance for him to get out and present his views as he wants."

Nationally, the National Alliance is "really on the ropes" since the 2002 death of leader William Pierce, said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups. Pierce's novel "The Turner Diaries" is believed to have inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

And yet, the Bush Administration doesn't label them as a Terrorist Organization. Wonderful.

I'm sure this sparkling example of humanity will never get on the school board, but then again, I never thought Bush could get re-elected, either. Look how easily he duped people into signing his petition.

How many of these maniacs are in that woodwork, anyway?

(All emphasis mine, cross-posted from my blog)

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