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This is a thread to share all the good things you're watching at the moment, or have recently watched. Serialized shows on broadcast or streaming; films; digital shorts; stand-up; documentaries; performances — whatever! Tell us what you're watching and enjoying these days.

I thought for sure I had mentioned Schitt's Creek here before, but I guess it only seemed like I must have since I recommend it to anyone who will listen, lol.

image of the Rose family, from Schitt's Creek: Annie Murphy as Alexis; Eugene Levy as Johnny; Catherine O'Hara as Moira; and Dan Levy as David

I love this show abundantly, for a dozen different reasons, not least of which because Dan Levy imagines Schitt's Creek as a place where being gay and feminist and anti-racist is the norm, which not only envisions a world the way this one should (and could) be, but allows him to tell stories where the characters must face their own flaws and fears and wounds, which invites us to scrutinize our own.

Because characters' baked-in failings provide the dramatic tension, rather than conjured bigotry, we aren't given the easy comfort of patting ourselves on the backs for being better than manufactured monsters. Instead, we see demons that may look frighteningly familiar.

It's a comedy. It's a deeply sophisticated one.

The show, for those unfamiliar, is basically a reverse Beverly Hillbillies, in which a wealthy family loses their money and ends up (for reasons I won't spoil) living in a rural town called Schitt's Creek. Hilarity ensues.

But not just hilarity. And over the seasons, the spectacularly unlovable characters (at first) have grown in a most organic, beautiful way into characters that we adore, despite still being decidedly imperfect, as are we all.

I got behind for a minute, and just finished Season 4 on Netflix, and it was SO FUCKING GOOD.

Indeed, it was simply the best.


Anyway! What are you watching these days?

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