Trump Is Terrifying. So Are His Followers.

Last night, Donald Trump officially launched his 2020 campaign with a rally in Orlando. It went precisely as you'd expect — with Trump running through all his greatest hits, including brazen lies, claiming credit for shit he hasn't done, demonizing his opponents, and basking in the glow of "Lock her up!" chants, while seemingly promising that Attorney General Bill Barr will prosecute Hillary Clinton.

National treasure Aaron Rupar came through as always with a Twitter thread compiling the notable moments from the event, with descriptions and video, including from Mike Pence's chilling introduction.

And one of the things you'll note, if you watched the event live or if you peruse Aaron's thread, is that the story of the night might not be Trump, who was certainly maximum Trump in every familiar way, but his followers in the crowd, some of whom waited for days outside the venue to ensure they'd be in the audience.

They are rabid.

Booing the "fake news" right out of the gate.

And again, for the second time in short order.

Chanting "Drain the swamp."

"Lock her up!"

Just going absolutely wild for their godking.

Trump has tapped into resentments and anger and hatred and bigotries that the Republican Party has spent decades cultivating, nurturing, and stoking. He knows how to inflame it. He knows how to exploit it. And he is eminently willing to do it, no matter the cost to this country or its people who aren't among his cultists.

I am horrified watching his crowds react to him, especially knowing keenly that he can and will provoke them to violence at any moment.

This, too, underlines the urgency of impeaching him.

Because that seething resentment and inflamed bigotry doesn't stay behind in the venue. His followers take it with them, out into the world. They are amped by hate.

And that is tremendously dangerous.

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