Pelosi Caves; Trump Gets $4.6B Border Package

[Content Note: Nativism; abuse.]

So, late yesterday, under pressure from moderates in her caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi caved on her demands that protections for migrant children and restrictions on the Trump Regime's use of emergency border funding and allowed the Senate border bill to come up for a vote in the House. It passed.

In other words, Donald Trump just got a $4.6 billion check to spend on his nativist malice, with zero restrictions, while he's torturing children in concentration camps.

This is a massive failure. Progressives in the Democratic caucus are deeply unhappy about it, as well they should be. Moderates in the Democratic caucus should be ashamed of themselves, but aren't — because they believe they need to look tough on border security be reelected.

Honestly, when you're voting to fund the abuse of children knowing that malice is Trump's agenda, I don't know what difference there is between you and a Republican, anyway.

I'm so filthy fucking angry.

As I noted on Twitter yesterday: Trump is now going to say, forever, that whatever he does to children at the border has bipartisan approval.

And anyone who is still saying at this point that Pelosi is a great strategist who's just giving Trump enough rope with which to hang himself has to understand that they are implicitly making an argument that children's lives are negotiable.

What is the line in the sand? What is it?

Pelosi should be launching impeachment hearings of Trump for his vicious nativism at the southern border. Instead, she's giving him what might as well be a blank check to escalate it.

I cannot believe I am saying this, but Pelosi must be removed and replaced immediately.

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