An Observation

There is a lot of attacking the messenger going around at the moment. It's stunning, but there are lots of people who have more energy to attack women criticizing politicians who are failing us than they do giving what-for to the politicians who are failing us.

If you're spending way more time attacking me than you do saying anything about Mitch McConnell, you have derailed.

And I'm pissed as fuck about that. Not because I'm getting called names and yelled at and dismissed out of hand — I'm not thrilled about that, but I'm used to it — but because everyone needs to be marshalling their anger at the politicians with the power to do something but refuse to do it.

At the moment, that regrettably includes the Democratic leadership, but for several decades it has primarily been the Republican Party.

And yet there is appallingly little public condemnation directed squarely at them.

We went right from "Republicans are the REAL Americans, so they are beyond censure" to "Republicans are traitors, so they are a lost cause" in one easy step.

Both of them work to obfuscate that Republicans have been staging a coup for decades that culminated on Election Day.

In either case, the message is that none of this catastrophic collapse can be blamed on Republicans. They were unassailable patriots and now they are irredeemable traitors.

And it's just a big ol' coincidence that the failure of our politics, culture, and media has resulted in near-total Republican control of the three branches of government and most state legislatures.

Obviously the solution is to yell at the women who document how it happened, happens, is happening.

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