Shaker Gardens

Shaker Gardens is usually Aphra_Behn's beat, and there's a darn good reason for that — because, unlike Aphra, I have the ungreenest thumb that has ever thumbed! But here are a few things that have been going on in my garden recently, heralding spring.

As always, you are welcome and encouraged to share stories and pix of what's happening in your garden!

image of a row of white and yellow daffodils planted around the curve of a tree base

image of a single purple hyacinth

image of a pink flower with bell-like petals
Whatever this pretty pink thingy is. (Another hyacinth, I think?)

image of a bunch of tiny purple flowers among the grass

Speedwell is a weed and needs to be removed. Personally, I think it's so pretty with its wee purple flowers that I'd let it take over my whole lawn, but I don't guess the neighbors would be very pleased about that. So I suppose I'll have to pull it out soon.

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