Bernie Sanders, Where Are Your Taxes?

During the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders refused to release his tax returns. Not only did he refuse to release his tax returns in full, but he lied about having released them.

Now he's running for president again, and he still hasn't released his tax returns, using the same old excuse that his wife does their taxes, they've been very busy with other things, but they'll definitely totally for sure release them very soon, he promises.

Yesterday on a call with reporters, Sanders' campaign manager Faiz Shakir said that Sanders will "soon" release his tax returns: "We're working on it. Stay tuned."

"Soon" was the same answer Sanders gave two weeks ago to CNN when he was asked when he'll release his tax returns: "Soon. We have to just do a few more little things, to check them out. They're ready."

At this point, Sanders' refusal to release his tax returns is not just ridiculous; it's suspicious. What could possibly be taking so long?

And I will readily admit that I am increasingly skeptical of Sanders' motives in concealing his taxes. The longer he takes, the more it seems like there's something in those taxes that he doesn't want the public to see.

He could easily shut me the fuck up by releasing them.

In the meantime, he and his supporters can't be too surprised if people assume that there's something problematic in there that needs "fixing" or some carefully prepared (and focus-group tested) explanations, because it's tough to understand what could be causing such a dramatic hold-up.

I guess we'll find out "soon."

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