This F#@king Guy

Yesterday, I noted that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is considering an independent presidential run — an announcement that was meant with much derision from voters and much delight by political press who doesn't give a fuck if a spoiler vanity run would be terrible for the country, because it would be great for ratings.

This morning, Dan Merica, Cristina Alesci, Rebecca Buck, and Jeff Zeleny at CNN reported that a former Obama advisor, Bill Burton, had joined Schultz's team, defending his decision by saying I WANT ALL THE MONEY GIVE ME ALL OF IT "I'm doing this because I think our country is in crisis and I think we should be imaginative as for how to fix it."

Dude. Supporting a cishet white dude who's a billionaire with zero political experience is literally the LEAST imaginative solution possible.

Meanwhile, at an event, a heckler had some free advice for Schultz:

Get used to it, Schultz. The voters do not share the enthusiasm for your potential campaign that greedy political hacks and the for-profit political press do. We have nothing to gain from your running, and everything to lose.

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