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image of a Qwixx game card, filled out after a completed game, pictured on my dining room table along with a pen and colorful dice
Qwixx: One of the favorite games played at Shakes Manor!

Here is a thread for discussion of all things gaming: Board games, card games, video games, dice games, role-playing games, strategy games, party games, whether you play in groups or on your own. Tell us all about the games you love!

Iain and I have been playing Scattergories a lot lately. If you've never played it, the objective is to come up with a unique word in a series of categories, all beginning with the same letter, which is chosen at the beginning of the timed round. When the sandglass runs out, each player reads their answers. If someone else has the same answer, you both get zero points. If you have a unique answer, you get a point. If you have a unique alliterative answer, you get as many points as alliterative words. So, for instance, if the category was musical groups and the letter was T, and you were the only one who wrote down "Tony! Toni! Toné!" you would get 3 points.

The hilarious thing about playing with someone you know really well is that you can often guess what the other person is going to write, and you know that they'll guess what you're going to write, so you both try to think way outside the box to come up with unexpected answers, and it's amazing how many times your left-field answers will then be the same! Neither of us will write anything obvious and instead we'll both get zero points for each writing down something incredibly esoteric, lol.

And of course trying to get away with answers relying on the most absurd interpretation of the categories is always fun, too. It's not a rousing game of Scattergories unless at least one of us has to shout: "YOU ARE NOT GETTING A POINT FOR THAT! NO FUCKING WAY!"

What game(s) have you been playing lately?

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