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Shaker Thumbs is your opportunity to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a product or service you have used and that you'd recommend to other Shakers or warn them away from.

Today, I'm going to give a big ol' thumbs-up to the Oxo Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad.

promotional image of the jar opener atop a jar of sauce, which is sitting on a round pad

I'm in my mid-40s now, and I've been doing jobs that require lots of typing for my entire adult life, so my hands are getting stiff and my arms have chronic pain, which has started to make opening jars and bottles rather difficult some days.

For a long time, just using a silicone round gave me enough assistance, but, within the last year, I was struggling even with that.

So I found Oxo's jar opener, and I love it so much!

First of all, it opens way more than jars, because you can slide it to fit on anything from very narrow bottle tops to wide-mouth jar tops.

Secondly, the base pad is an ingenious addition, because, if you've got weakness in both hands and/or arms, just holding whatever you're trying to open in place can be tough, but the base pad does that work for you. And the pad stores right on the opener, so they don't get lost in separate parts of the drawer.

It's a really nifty item, well-priced IMO at $9.99.

Anyway! Give us your thumbs-up or thumbs-down in comments!

(As always, I'm not affiliated in any way with any of the companies whose products I mention, nor am I getting anything in exchange for my recommendations. I just like the products!)

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