Pelosi Reiterates: No SOTU While Government Is Closed

Yesterday, it was reported that Donald Trump was still preparing a State of the Union address, despite the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had informed him there would be no SOTU address so long as the government was shut down, because it was a legitimate security issue.

Today, Trump issued a letter asserting he would be giving the SOTU on January 29th, as though Pelosi had never told him he sure the fuck was not.

So Pelosi sent him a letter back, making clear that there would be no SOTU until Trump and/or his party ends the federal shutdown:

When asked by reporters why she was not going to allow Trump to give his SOTU, she responded bluntly: "Because government is closed."

Meanwhile, Trump again blamed Democrats for the shutdown, calling them "radicalized" and threatening ominously: "This will go on for a while."

This is not, as the political press insists on mischaracterizing it, a "tit-for-tat" with "both sides" being equally culpable.

It is an authoritarian shitwheel manufacturing a crisis in order to further consolidate power and subvert the very democracy which he ostensibly swore to protect, and a party led by a staunch broad as patriotic as she is tough standing on the line to stop the further seizure of power from said shitwheel and his party of vile traitors.

That's what's happening.

"Both sides" could not be less equal. No one in the history of humanity has ever mistaken a hero full of bottomless moxy for a Russian nesting doll of character defects.

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