Cassandra's Lament, Part Wev in an Endless Series

For those who aren't on Twitter and/or can't view it at work, I did a thread earlier today:
This is your regular reminder that women who have long been calling politics right (and were gaslighted and harassed as a result) and who now point out that we've long been right aren't gloating. We're fucking grieving. And we're urging people to stop making the same mistakes.

Also remember, every time you hear framing that suggests no one could have seen this coming, it's bullshit. There were people who did see it, who screamed about it, who risked their professional credibility to try to raise its visibility. Most of them were women.

And the reason I (and others) keep pointing out that most of the Cassandras of the Trump Era are women is because it's relevant to the fact that it made us more easily dismissed as "crazy," "overwrought," "hysterical," etc. Established misogynist silencing tropes were damaging.

The women on whom that damage was inflicted includes, by the way, Hillary Clinton, the Cassandra with the biggest and baddest platform, who used it to try to warn us, urgently and persistently, about both Trump's collusion and white supremacy.

Find women who have long been right — and listen to them now.

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