Trump Is Losing His Shit About the Election, Of Course

One of the nicest things about the election results last night was that I haven't even thought about Donald Trump for most of the morning! WHAT A GIFT!

Then I saw this:

LOLOLOLOLOL someone explain to this dipshit what it means that House Democrats now have subpoena power.

J/k he already knows. Which is why the entire rest of his Twitter timeline is filled with additional tweets bragging about his big win, because we are all living in a cuckoo clock, and why he is also tweeting shit like this mess:

Yeahhhhhhhh that's just the President of the United States threatening Democratic Senators if Democratic Representatives do the job that Republicans refuse to do.

Meanwhile, Trump is definitely going to pivot to campaign mode (not that he ever really left campaign mode) and start explicitly campaigning for his 2020 reelection bid:
Trump's 2020 effort is poised to swing into gear almost immediately, with the RNC redirecting its infrastructure to assist the Trump reelect and its political director Chris Carr. RNC officials say that a massive midterm mobilization effort — in which the party invested over $275 million in its field, digital, and data programs, and recruited hundreds of field staffers — was a dress rehearsal for the 2020 campaign. Once the Trump campaign, overseen by Parscale, melds with RNC, the result will be a nearly $400 million behemoth focused on the next election 726 days from Wednesday.
And we can all trust that with the Democratic pick-ups despite widespread election interference, whether by gerrymander or voter suppression or other means, the Republicans are going to amp up their subversion of democracy in the next two years, led by their cowardly, corrupt, compromised president, who never could have won without illicit help.

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