Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker embees: "Pet nicknames — do yours (current or past) have them? How many? Are they meaningful or silly?"

I've mentioned many times that Iain has an endless reservoir of silly and adorable nicknames for me — Tschoobs, Bables, Honsey, Chubbs, Chunkles, Boobles, Bawheed, Wifel-nifle, Dushtels, Specs, Funhead, Funball McGee, Apple Cheeks — so you can only imagine how many nicknames each of our pets has, lol!

Between the two of us giving them ridiculous nicknames, it's a wonder any of them know their names at all.

Some highlights:

Olivia — Livs, Livsy, Large, Baby, Wrex, Mouth of a Thousand Screams

Sophie — Sophs, Sophie-Sophs, Little, Titch, Titchels, Torbie Bizness

Dudley — Dudz, Lord Dudlington, Doodletoots, Dumpster Mouth, Trots, Horks

Zelda — Zelly, Zelly-Belly, Zuzubean, Zooz, Dorito Ears, Stinks

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