Nikki Haley Has Resigned

Nikki Haley has resigned as U.N. Ambassador. As of this writing, we don't know what her reasons are — and it's not like she's going to be honest about why she resigned, anyway.

A couple of possibilities:

1. She has decided she wants to run for president in 2020, so needs to start creating distance from Trump.

2. She has come under fire in the last few days for possible ethics violations around travel and gifts, not wholly unlike what eventually took down Scott Pruitt, so maybe she wants to dodge further scrutiny by quitting.

3. She got a look at something Trump, Pence, Pompeo, and Bolton are planning (possibly regarding China?) and said fuck no I'm getting out of here before I'm attached to this mess.

4. A combination of some or all of the above.

In any case, I dread seeing with what nightmare monster Trump replaces her. She was terrible, but one of the least terrible of all the terribles in the Trump Regime. It's only gonna get worse from here.

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