This Is a Display of Dominance

[Content Note: Sexual assault.]

One of the things that's getting lost in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination news is what this entire situation means in terms of the Republican Party's consolidation of their power.

Given that Kavanaugh has now been accused of sexual assault and lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee, it would be easier, frankly, to switch the nominee and ram that person through as quickly as possible.

Even allowing that the Republican Party is full of indecent wrecks of humanity who don't care that Kavanaugh is a liar or an abuser, they've still got a tougher road ahead if they press forward with him.

There is, of course, no shortage of conservative judges with similar qualifications to Kavanaugh and an equal willingness to be the Trump Regime's lackey on the Supreme Court.

So why go the harder route?

Because to back down, even for an easier road to the same destination, would concede that they are not yet all-powerful; that they can still be stopped.

By public pressure, if not rules, laws, norms, or ethics.

The only reason to dig in is to prove that their coup is virtually complete. To show that not only are they refusing to provide checks and balances on the president, but that there are no longer any checks or balances on them.

This is a display of dominance, a flick of the tail of a dragon who has just learned to breathe fire.

Keep up the pressure. Keep making noise. Keep resisting.

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