Maybe We Could All Try Being Better Than Trump

[Content Note: Rape culture.]

In the middle of another news cycle that has been tough to navigate for many survivors, an excerpt from Stormy Daniels' forthcoming book has been made public, in which she describes Donald Trump's genitals in unflattering detail.

I am not going to link to her description, nor am I going to republish it here. It's easy enough to find, if you're so inclined.

First, I want to say to my fellow survivors who are having a tough time at the moment: I see you. I take up space in solidarity with you. You are not "too sensitive." The world is not sensitive enough.

Secondly, I want to implore anyone whose instinct is to make public jokes about Trump's dick: Please remember that you're making jokes about the dick of a confessed sex predator. There are already lots of survivors who are raw because of the news about Brett Kavanaugh, and the last thing they need is to encounter jokes about Trump's dick everywhere they turn. This is a time to be a grown-up.

Also: I'm guessing this is really not a fun day for anyone who has a dick that resembles the description at which everyone is laughing. Body mockery always has more than one target. So, there's another reason to lay off, if caring about not triggering survivors isn't compelling enough on its own.

You know who's the kind of person who would spend all day making jokes about someone else's dick? Donald Trump.

Be better than him.

It isn't difficult. He sets a very low bar.

Step over it.

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