I Feel Sick

I feel sick at the thought of Brett Kavanaugh being a Supreme Court justice.

I feel sick knowing it will mean all the more to the fetid ghouls comprising the Republican Party if they confirm Kavanaugh after millions of women publicly gutted ourselves for all to see in the hopes of deterring that outcome.

I feel sick knowing there are countless abusers who are getting off on women publicly airing our pain.

I feel sick thinking about how we could have — and should have — had Hillary Clinton as our president, making history and improving the lives of millions of people, but instead we have a bunch of pucker-faced rapists conspiring to destroy everything we value.

I feel sick knowing how many people are hurting.

I feel sick at the thought of how much worse this could get, before it gets better. If it gets better.

If you feel sick, too, at least know that you are not alone.

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