Honest People Don't Work for Donald Trump

The metrics by which people are guessing who wrote the op-ed don't take into account the context that all of the conceivable culprits already chose a path of breathtaking indecency when they signed onto the Trump Regime.

These aren't decent people. They're not honorable people. They're immoral garbage people.

So I don't really give a fuck if Mike Pence says he didn't write it, or if the preamble to the piece says the author's job could be at stake and Trump can't technically fire the vice president so therefore it can't possibly be Pence. That doesn't mean Pence didn't write it! Pence is a liar and Trump is unconstrained by the norms of our democratic institutions.

Whoever wrote it will lie about it and justify the lie, if they are ever so obliged, the same way they're justifying their coup — by claiming that they were protecting the nation.

But the only thing these shitbirds care to protect is themselves.

Never forget that. Never.

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