Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is a Propagandist

A friend of mine told me that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had "a fucking meltdown" during the press briefing today, being even more belligerent, evasive, and dishonest than usual.

Which is really saying something.

Twitter reinforces my friend's account of the spectacle.

I didn't see it. I never see the press briefings anymore. Because I don't watch them.

I'm neither judging nor am I criticizing any average person who chooses to watch them, and I certainly don't blame any political writer who is obliged by an employer to watch and report on them.

But I simply won't watch them any longer. I try not to even tweet about them, unless there's something legitimately newsworthy, which is exceedingly rare.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not providing any good information. It's nothing but lies and spin and attacks. She is a propagandist. That is her job. To disseminate propaganda for the Trump Regime.

And, the truth is, the press should refuse to fucking cover the press briefings unless they contain actual, truthful news.

Otherwise, they're just making themselves propagandists, too.

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