Happy National French Fry Day!

image of french fries
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Today is National French Fry Day! And because I love french fries and am desperate to write about anything besides Donald Trump and the fall of the American Democracy, here is a thread about french fries! Huzzah!

I love french fries in just about any form, except for haystack and shoestring french fries, which aren't even french fries, as far as I'm concerned. Get out of here with those too-thin potato sticks!

Skins on, skins off, thin cut, thick cut, steak fries, British chips — I like 'em all. And I have definite preferences about the condiment with which I like to eat different types of fries.

If you set thin cut, skin off fries in front of me, I'll take just ketchup, preferably cold.

If you set thick cut, skin off fries in front of me, I'll take a mix of ketchup and sriracha mayo — or a mix of ketchup and mustard. Something in the mix to add a bit of a kick.

If you set crinkle fries in Old Bay in front of me, I'll take melty cheese.

If you set skin off steak fries in front of me, I'll take tzatziki sauce — thanks to the suggestion of a waitress at a local Mediterranean place, who turned me on to that combo and I have never looked back.

If you set British chips in front of me me, I'll take curry sauce, please!

Speaking of chips with curry sauce, one time Deeks and I went to what was supposed to be a British pub in Baltimore, but was really just a sports pub that was lazily British-themed. I asked if they had chips with curry sauce, and the server said she'd see what she could do. A few minutes later, she returned to the table with a plate of grocery-store tortilla chips accompanied by a small cup of cold water into which had been dumped a bunch of curry powder. That was like four years ago, and we still haven't stopped laughing.


All of the above particular combinations are my favorites, but I eat any kind of fries any kind of way, basically.

I just won't eat them dipped in mayo. If that's your jam, you do you! But plain mayo isn't getting anywhere near my fries, thankyouverymuch.

Geez. Now I want some french fries.

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