Trump Is — Still and Increasingly — Out of Control

Where to even begin with Donald Trump's shameful display at the G7?

On Friday morning, Trump called for Russia to be reinstated, and then blasted French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter.

He reportedly behaved like an ass during a trade meeting with the other leaders, and, from the looks of it, acted like a petulant tyrant who could be moved by neither reason nor deserved pressure delivered by the others, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Trump was belligerent and destructive — a wrecking ball at the G7, leaving the United States more isolated from our longtime allies than ever.

New York Times correspondent Peter Baker noted: "For the first time, Germany is crafting an 'America strategy' the way it has a 'Russia strategy.'"

And Trump continued to give Germany (and others) reason for that approach, reasserting on Saturday that Russia should be allowed back into the G7/G8 with no conditions regarding Crimea. He further blamed President Obama for Russia's annexation of Crimea, but not Vladimir Putin.

Then, having further eroded trust with our allies, and further colluded with Russia right out in the open, Trump left the summit early, to fly to Singapore for his summit with Kim Jong Un.

But the damage wasn't yet over.

Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro then did the Sunday talk shows where he doubled down, first appearing on CNN where he bashed Trudeau in a most dishonest and incendiary manner, insulting him and revealing that it was all a display for Kim Jong Un's benefit:

Navarro then appeared on Fox News, where he declared: "There's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. And that's what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference. That's what weak, dishonest Justin Trudeau did. And that comes right from Air Force One."

My god.

I honestly don't even know what to say that I haven't already said countless times. Trump must be removed from office, urgently, for the safety of this nation. I am filthy angry that the Republican Congressional caucus, who have the power to do precisely that, still do not agree. Shame on them. Shame on them.

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