This Is What Trump Hath Wrought

This is where we are now:
"There have been moments of tension in various times in the history of Canada-U.S. relations, but I've never seen or heard of anything like the type of language the U.S. administration has used towards Canada," said Roland Paris, an international affairs scholar and former advisor to Trudeau.

..."We have to prepare for the worst now," said Colin Robertson, a former diplomat and head of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.
This is a moment when every former president and all of our living statespersons need to speak up loudly and unyieldingly in rejection of Donald Trump and his policies. They need to make themselves visible; they need to make themselves heard; and they need to collectively sustain pointed and relentless dissent.

In effect, we need a shadow parliament of sensible statespersons who vociferously object to Trump and plainly state, repeatedly, what our disposition toward our allies has been and should remain.

And anyone in that position who is willing to use their influence to that end should be met with profound gratitude from every patriot in this nation, and never, ever, told to shut up and go away.

Especially if she (cough) happened to be right about Donald Trump all along.

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