This Is What the Threat of Gun Violence in Schools Looks Like

[Content Note: Gun violence; terrorism; child abuse.]

Here are two things I saw this morning, each of them absolutely heartbreaking:

If you're unable to view the image embedded in the tweet, it's a photo of a sign hanging on a chalkboard in an elementary school classroom with carefully printed text reading: "Lockdown, Lockdown / Lock the door / Shut the lights off / Say no more / Go behind the desk and hide / Wait until it's safe inside / Lockdown, Lockdown / It's all done / Now it's time to have some fun."

A song for tiny children to sing to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or the "Alphabet Song," because part of being a kindergarten teacher now is to teach your charges horrifying nightmare ditties that might save their wee lives.

And because part of being a child now is learning those ditties in case a man with a gun comes into your classroom to murder you.

Sarah asks her daughter about what the song was, then returns to the lockdown, which lasted for 45 minutes. She asks if they were given updates during the ordeal. Her daughter tells her they weren't; it was very quiet while they were all "crammed together," until they heard helicopters overhead, at which point they feared the school might be bombed.

She tells her mother, "We've done drills but we knew this was for real. We were all sure we were going to die, Mom. I'm so glad we didn't die."

This is the life that a significant portion of the population and virtually the entire governing party, including the sitting president and vice-president, have decided is acceptable for children in this nation.

I cannot begin to fathom the heart and mind of a person who finds any of that okay.

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