Texting with Liss and Deeky

Deeky: Buttholes.

Liss: Obvs.

Deeky: I mean.

Liss: Totes.

Deeky: You know! You know.

Liss: You're darn tootin'.

Deeky: Lol. I can't log into Disqus. I forgot my password.

Liss: Reset it!

Deeky: I don't know what email under!

Liss: Probably your old one. [email]

Deeky: That one is dead though. Whoops!

Liss: Lol did you try your new one and it didn't work?

Deeky: Nope.

Liss: Well, try that, and if it doesn't work, just set up a new account with it! Cuz it's almost def [old email], so if that's dead, welp!

Deeky: Ha! I'm in! #thatswhathesaid

Liss: Woot!!! What did you even want to comment on, lol?

Deeky: I don't even remember.

Liss: The photo of two cool cats on a pizza run?

Deeky: Oh yeah!

Liss: [sends below image]

image of an old screenshotted text exchange reading: Liss: I love how your memory is as bad as mine is good. You're like Joe Memento. I bet every day you wake up and there's a Post-It next to your bed saying, 'Text Liss. You're friends.' Deeky: Lolololololololol Liss: Lol. You have a tattoo on your butt with my phone number and 'Melissa Zima.' Deeky: Lol OMFG Liss: Lolololol.
[Deeks once sent me a package of survival MREs addressed to "Melissa Zima"]

Deeky: OMFG

Liss: Lolololol I should post that as a Texting with Liss and Deeky, shouldn't I?

Deeky: Obviously.

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