Scott Pruitt Continues to Be Very Corrupt!

Not-Breaking News: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt is very corrupt, has been very corrupt since taking office, and will continue to be corrupt in any position he ever holds until he is dead, presumably.

The latest: He enlisted an EPA aide to try to help his wife get a Chick-fil-A franchise. Unsuccessfully. Nonetheless, it's not merely unethical, but illegal. "Federal ethics laws bar public officials from using their position or staff for private gain."

As with every fresh new report of Pruitt's shameless abuses of power, there are calls for Donald Trump to get rid of him and ponderment of why Trump isn't sufficiently appalled to "do something" about Pruitt.


Trump would sooner get rid of Pruitt because he wore an unflattering tie on television than because he's a corrupt asshole.

That's the truth. It's terrible. But the sooner we all get the fuck on board with terrible truths like that one, the sooner we can start having the sorts of honest conversations we need to have about this rank authoritarian president and his cabinet of middle-management despots.

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