Poor, Sad Michael Cohen: The Cheese Stands Alone

Can we get a 21 sad trombone salute for this poor, sad man who might actually have to face consequences for being one of the most corrupt traitors in the entire nation?

Emphasis, of course, on might.

Naturally, the narrative is that Team Trump is "running scared" at the prospect of Cohen cooperating with federal prosecutors, which might in turn lead to his cooperating with Special Counsel Bob Mueller. But I don't imagine that Trump and his sycophants are fearful so much as they are further contemplating various unethical and possibly illegal ways of shutting down Cohen, federal prosecutors, and Bob Mueller.

I really want to be wrong. I really want Cohen to cooperate, justice to prevail, and Trump to get thrown out on his ear along with his entire administration of treasonous goons, including Mike Pence. I really want all of this to matter.

I'm just not hopeful that it will.

At least not before we have reached a point of no return in the erosion of our democracy and the rule of law. Frankly, I'm not entirely sure we haven't passed that point already.

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