Election Thread

New York, Maryland, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah had primary races yesterday. Here's a thread to talk about any and all of the results that you found exciting or disappointing.

To be honest, I had some personal stuff going on last night, so I wasn't following the results as closely as usual. I do know about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning in New York — and congratulations to her! — and boy oh boy is it interesting seeing every man who ever mentioned her name getting credit for her win, with paltry acknowledgement of her own hard work and the widespread support for female candidates this year.

Also: I'm appalled (though unsurprised) by how much not understanding basic politics I'm seeing on social media this morning, specifically in the form of people talking about how Democrats did versus Republicans. Folks, these are primaries. They determine which Democrats and which Republicans will run against each other in the general election.

There is no shame in being confused. Except when you're positioning yourself as some kind of expert and clearly don't even know what the hell the objective of a primary actually is. And there is a lot of that nonsense going around. Sigh.

Did you vote yesterday? Did your candidates win? Tell all in comments.

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