Someone Hired Black Cube to Collect Info on Obama Administration Officials

Someone hired Black Cube, the same Israeli private intelligence firm that was used by Harvey Weinstein to gather info to discredit his accusers, to discredit Obama administration officials who had championed the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which Donald Trump now seeks to unwind.

Ronan Farrow has additional details at the New Yorker.

Who is the someone who put this operation of spying, intimidation, and attempted discrediting into action? Well, that's a very good question! And the answer, according to Black Cube, is: We're not telling!

However, former Obama Administration foreign-policy adviser Colin Kahl — who was one of the two men, along with another former foreign-policy adviser, Ben Rhodes, targeted by the Black Cube operation — has an idea about who it might have been, telling Farrow he believes "Trump associates may have been involved because of unsubstantiated reports in conservative media outlets accusing Rhodes and Kahl of damaging leaks about the Trump administration. 'Why Ben and I? Why conjoin Ben and me?' Kahl asked."

Last night on Twitter, he further noted there are "some suspicious coincidences—especially as it relates to the particular focus on Ben & me. We were not the only Obama officials involved in negotiating & publicly defending the Iran deal." And yet, he adds, "around the same time the Israeli firm was hired, senior White House aides began complaining to Fox News about a 'Ben Rhodes-Colin Kahl Nexus' that was supposedly organizing opposition to the administration."

So, we are meant to believe that Gorka seized on this "Rhodes-Kahl nexus" out of nowhere, at just about the same time Black Cube's op on the two men began.


Well, that's either quite a coincidence, or Trump was the someone, whether directly or via associates, who hired Black Cube to discredit federal officials over the Iran deal.

Suffice it to say: None of this is normal.

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