Trade Wars: So Now I'm NOT Supposed to Care About Middle America?

Shaker SKM sent me the following image gleaned from the Washington Post's morning email dispatch:

screen cap of WaPo graphic showing a pile of dried soybeans accompanied by text reading: 'Should you worry about trade? Some Americans will feel pain from China more than others.'

There are a number of things I find problematic about this image, starting with the fact that we're all going to "feel pain" from a trade war — but even if it were only "some Americans," what a disgusting implication that your fellow countrypersons aren't worth any "worry" as long as their suffering doesn't reach you.

And then there is this: Am I seriously meant to believe that, after more than a year of being admonished that I must care deeply about the economic insecurity of rural white America which (so the garbage narrative goes) forced them to vote for a fucking bigot, now I'm supposed to not give a shit about a policy that will legitimately cause economic strife in the agriculture sector, among others?


Any completely incoherent narrative that helps Donald Trump, I guess!

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