Listen to Madeleine Albright

black and white image of Madeleine Albright whispering in Hillary Clinton's ear at a state dinner in 1998

Before Hillary Clinton was a tremendously knowledgeable, earnest, passionate Secretary of State who warned us against fascism, there was Madeleine Albright. Serving in the administration of President Bill Clinton, she was the first female U.S. Secretary of State — an immigrant daughter of a diplomat, who became a global leader in advocating democracy.

She is now 80 years old, and her work continues. For today's New York Times, she has written a must-read piece: "Will We Stop Trump Before It's Too Late?" After detailing the many troubling signs of resurgent fascism around the world, she then turns to Donald Trump, whose presidency, she writes, enhances "the possibility that fascism will be accorded a fresh chance to strut around the world stage."
If freedom is to prevail over the many challenges to it, American leadership is urgently required. This was among the indelible lessons of the 20th century. But by what he has said, done and failed to do, Mr. Trump has steadily diminished America's positive clout in global councils.

Instead of mobilizing international coalitions to take on world problems, he touts the doctrine of "every nation for itself" and has led America into isolated positions on trade, climate change, and Middle East peace. Instead of engaging in creative diplomacy, he has insulted United States neighbors and allies, walked away from key international agreements, mocked multilateral organizations, and stripped the State Department of its resources and role. Instead of standing up for the values of a free society, his oft-vented scorn for democracy's building blocks has strengthened the hands of dictators. No longer need they fear United States criticism regarding human rights or civil liberties. On the contrary, they can and do point to Trump's own words to justify their repressive actions.

At one time or another, Trump has attacked the judiciary, ridiculed the media, defended torture, condoned police brutality, urged supporters to rough up hecklers, and — jokingly or not — equated mere policy disagreements with treason. He tried to undermine faith in America's electoral process through a bogus advisory commission on voter integrity. He routinely vilifies federal law enforcement institutions. He libels immigrants and the countries from which they come. His words are so often at odds with the truth that they can appear ignorant, yet are in fact calculated to exacerbate religious, social, and racial divisions. Overseas, rather than stand up to bullies, Mr. Trump appears to like bullies, and they are delighted to have him represent the American brand. If one were to draft a script chronicling fascism's resurrection, the abdication of America's moral leadership would make a credible first scene.
Emphasis mine. There is much, much more at the link.

This is the urgent warning we need, from another woman to whom we should be listening.

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