Wednesday Links!

This list o' links brought to you by lambs.

Recommended Reading:

Tal Abbady at Dame Magazine: [Content Note: Misogyny; racism] The New Yorker Has a Byline Problem

Lance Mannion at His Eponymous Blog: Covering Politics as Performance Art

Dr. Diana Adesola Mafe at Media Diversified: Normalising Black Women as Heroes: Star Trek Discovery as Groundbreaking

Teresa Jusino at the Mary Sue: Louisa May Alcott's Little Women Are Back, and They're Multi-Racial and LGBTQIA-Inclusive

Ragen Chastain at Dances with Fat: This Is Me in a Fatphobic World

Doug Smith at the Toronto Star: Raptors' DeMar DeRozan Hopes Honest Talk on Depression Helps Others

Kevin Love at the Players' Tribune: Everyone Is Going Through Something

Robin Abcarian at Towleroad: In the Ladies Room at the Oscars, a Transgender Moment Signals a Cultural Shift

Rae Paoletta at Inverse: How to Watch the Rare Alignment of Our Moon, Jupiter, and a Surprise Guest

Ryan F. Mandelbaum at Gizmodo: New Observations Reveal a Dramatic Web Structure Inside the Orion Nebula

Leave your links and recommendations in comments. Self-promotion welcome and encouraged!

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