Trump Unveils 2020 Campaign Slogan: "Keep America Great!"

At a rally Saturday night that was supposed to be on behalf of the Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania 18 special election but was hijacked by Donald Trump and turned into another one of his Make America Clap for Me Again rallies, Trump went off on an entirely typical and thoroughly terrifying authoritarian rant — and unveiled his 2020 campaign slogan: "Keep America Great!"

Because he's already "Made America Great Again" during his first year in office, you see.

Elena Schneider and Brent D. Griffiths at Politico: At Pennsylvania Rally, Trump Endorses Himself.
Donald Trump got business out of the way quickly Saturday night — urging voters to elect Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone, who's locked in an unexpectedly tough special election battle in Pennsylvania — before turning to the main subject of the night: himself.

Returning to top campaign form, Trump made fun of Washington and congratulated himself for maintaining his iconoclastic style in office, despite critics who have called for him to take his job more seriously — including in a recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal called out by Trump. "I'm very presidential," he said at one point, lowering his voice and standing artificially straight as he mocked usual political addresses.

"Don't forget, this got us elected," he went on, relaxing into his conversational, riffy style. "If I came like a stiff, you guys wouldn't come here tonight."

The crowd, in an airplane hangar, cheered. One person shouted: "You're one of us!"

Trump touted his tax reform plan, his new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and his newly announced plan to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while slamming the news media — including calling NBC host Chuck Todd a "son of a bitch." The president also talked about his desire to impose capital punishment on drug dealers, describing a discussion with Singapore's president about that country's hard-line approach.

He also talked about the size of the crowd, thanking the fire marshal — a vintage campaign line — and recounted how Pennsylvania sealed his 2016 victory. He also unveiled his own new slogan for the 2020 campaign: "Keep America Great!"

"Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?" he asked at one point.
There isn't anything about this that doesn't enrage and terrify me, and not a single bit of it surprises me, because this is who Trump is, this is who he has always been, and this is who he will always be. He is a vainglorious, viciously cruel, megalomaniacal aspiring despot whose original campaign slogan was dogwhistled white supremacy — and the sequel is dogwhistled white supremacy, too, updated to stroke his insatiable ego.

Anything anyone ever needed to know about Donald Trump could be summed up by this snapshot of his rally: He barely mentioned the person he was there to support, instead bragging about waging class warfare, legitimizing a rogue regime, and wanting to execute criminals, then demonizing the free press, all before declaring there's nothing "more fun."

Keep America Great. Fucking hell. America's just about as far from great as it's ever been.

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