Stormy Daniels Wants to Depose Trump

The primary reason I even want to mention this motion being filed, when typically I wouldn't dedicate a whole post to it unless and until the requested deposition was granted, is because this is putting additional pressure on Donald Trump.

From one side, he's feeling the pressure of the Mueller investigation, where every disclosure makes it more difficult for him to claim he wasn't (isn't) colluding with Russia.

From the other side, he's feeling the pressure of the Stormy Daniels story, which increasingly looks like there was a criminal cover-up of an affair he has denied.

Back in October, when Rick Gates and Paul Manafort were arrested and charged, I tweeted: "Cornering Trump is dangerous. I am not feeling giddy about what's coming. I am hoping we all get through it safely."

And once again, I want to emphasize that: Although I am positively desperate for accountability for Trump and his collection of disloyal scoundrels in the White House, my primary hope right now is that we get through this safely.

There is a reckless megalomaniac sitting in the Oval Office, who is capable of breathtaking cruelty, especially in service to his self-interest. I am very worried what he will do if he is not disempowered — and I am very worried about what he will do if the necessary steps are taken to ensure that he is.

We are all in a very perilous place. I want us to emerge from it safely. I don't know if that's possible. I hope that it is.

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