On Roseanne

[Content Note: Bigotry.]

Lots of people are writing lots of thinkpieces and tweeting lots of thoughts about the Roseanne reboot. I have no idea whether it's good or not, or whether it's funny or not, or whether it is successful in accomplishing whatever it's trying to accomplish, because I would never fucking watch it since Roseanne has revealed herself to be a gross bigot who has repeatedly disgorged ugly transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and nativism.

She doesn't get my time or my viewership or a higher rating to charge higher advertising rates from me. Not even so I can criticize the show.

The world will just have to live without my take, and I bet everyone will somehow be able to manage.

I will just say this: People who sneer at progressives for being unwilling to consume "art" by people who don't share our politics can go fuck themselves.

"But you're so intolerant!" You're goddamned right I am. I am absolutely intolerant of the politics of malice and abuse, of the politics of bigotry, of the politics of marginalization and eliminationism and dehumanization.

I have zero tolerance for those politics, as I understand the basic concept that politics don't exist in a vacuum, but have real world consequences for real people — and because I care about those people (including myself), I am intolerant of politics that would harm them (us).

And anyone who wants to call me intolerant for putting my principles into practice, instead of keeping them behind glass in case of an emergency that never comes because ART ART ART, is welcome to do that all the livelong day, if that is what they decide is the best use of their time — scolding me instead of joining me to resist and challenge bigotry.

Everyone's gotta have priorities.

Mine include not watching Roseanne.

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