Oh My Aching Sides

This weekend was the loathsome Gridiron Dinner, which you may recall was the site of the time President Obama joked about how Hillary Clinton was too passionate about global democracy. Cough.

The Gridiron Dinner is a depressingly antiquated boys' club garbage fest, and this year was even worse than usual, because the White House is also a depressingly antiquated boys' club garbage fest.

Donald Trump told a bunch of hilarious jokes, and by "hilarious jokes" of course I mean disgorged bigotry disguised as humor.

[Content Note: Homophobia; disablism; sexism; misogynoir. Video may autoplay at link.]

The Hill has a complete transcript of Trump's Gridiron yuk-yuks. Naturally, he made a homophobic joke while talking about Mike Pence:
[In preparation] I also spoke to some of the funniest people around the White House starting with my number two, Mike Pence. ...Love you Mike. ...Some of you may think that Mike is not a comedian, but he is one of the best straight men you're ever going to meet. ...He is straight!
And of course he had some sexist, disablist, racist humor for Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters:
We had 'Drain the Swamp'; we had 'Lock Her Up'; we had 'Build the Wall.' Build the wall! Nancy Pelosi has been trying to come up with a line that's equal. And her line that she announced last week is, 'Mow the Grass!' It doesn't work. ...Mow the frickin' grass. ...That's going to stop MS-13. ...Mow that frickin' grass!

...Man, she's crazy, but she's a fine woman. She is. I actually like Nancy Pelosi. Can you believe that? Her and Maxine Waters. How about that one? Maxine Waters, 'He must be impeached!' That's all she knows how to say, 'He must be impeached!' Impeached! ...But he's done nothing wrong. Doesn't matter, they say. What has he done wrong? 'I don't know! You got to be impeached!' ...And then I say — I get in trouble for this — 'She has to immediately take an IQ test.' And people go crazy. They went crazy! But Maxine and Nancy and these people, there's a lot of hatred.
Oh is there? There's a lot of hatred among Maxine Waters, a Black Congresswoman you just said needs to take an IQ test, and Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House you just said is crazy, and their supporters? Huh. I wonder why there's so much hatred there, Donzo. Quite a fucking mystery!

[CN: Fat hatred] And in case Trump's insults against Waters and Pelosi at the Gridiron weren't enough for you, Trump's BFF Rudy Giuliani spoke at Trump's Mar-a-Lago fundraiser the night before, where he went after Hillary Clinton with a fat joke:
The most shocking moment of the evening came when Trump brought his old pal Rudy Giuliani onto the stage.

Giuliani told the crowd he had been down there for Trump's wedding.

"Hillary was also here," he said, according to two sources in the room, "and she actually fit through the door."

The crowd gasped. I'm told Giuliani's wife gave him a "most foul look." Trump later told the audience: "I'm just glad I didn't say it."
The punchline of all of these jokes is basically: We hate powerful women.

Noted. Repeatedly.

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