Three Headlines

There are fully ten quattuordecillion stories about Donald Trump every single day, and they are all full-tilt terrible. But sometimes I read a collection of stories back-to-back that just overwhelms me with rage, grief, and all the mirthless laughter in the entire multiverse because of its capacity to perfectly encapsulate the ongoing shitshow that is this nightmare timeline in which Trump is president.

This morning I had one of those experiences, reading these three headlines (and the attached stories) right in a row:

1. Caitlin MacNeal at TPM: Trump's Personal Pilot Under Consideration to Lead the FAA. Of course! Of course Trump wants his personal pilot to lead the FAA. Because he stubbornly believes that everyone who does any job within three yards of him is obviously the best person at that job anywhere on the entire planet, no matter how much evidence to the contrary may exist, because none of that evidence will ever penetrate the thick cloud of arrogance and ignorance in which he's permanently ensconced.

2. Jonathan Swan at Axios: Trump Privately Talks up Executing All Big Drug Dealers. Obviously. Because he is a sadistic monster whose central governing strategy is malice. And because he is a goddamn authoritarian who, like any megalomaniacal strongman, loves the idea of killing people to show his "strength."

3. Devan Cole at CNN: [Content Note: Video may autoplay at link] Trump Campaign Emails Photo of Parkland Survivor, Asks for Donations. Whatever expression you're picturing on my face after I read that shit is probably correct. Anger? Sure. Sadness? Yep. Nausea? Absolutely. Urge to destroy everything? Definitely. Desire to crawl into a giant cannon and fire myself directly into the sun? You bet.

Maude help me. Maude help us all.

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