Mike Pence Really Wants a War with North Korea

Apparently. Zeke Miller at the Associated Press reports:
Vice President Mike Pence said the U.S. is preparing to announce the "toughest and most aggressive" economic sanctions against North Korea in the coming days, boosting pressure on the bellicose government during the Winter Olympics.

Pence, who is set to lead the U.S. delegation at the opening ceremonies Friday, made the announcement in Japan on Wednesday, following meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"The United States of America will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever — and we will continue to isolate North Korea until it abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all," Pence said.

U.S. officials declined to provide details of the expected sanctions beyond Pence's comments, citing concerns that any additional information could be used by those trying to skirt the new measures. They are expected to be implemented before the conclusion of the games.
Pence's announcement of sanctions is getting all the headlines, but, while in Japan, he also promised that "all options are on the table" when it comes to North Korea and said: "The people of Japan can be assured: The full range of the Armed Forces of the United States will continue to be dedicated to the protection of Japan."

This is, of course, not the first time that Pence has rattled the saber at North Korea. And it is only one part of his provocation of North Korea during his visit to the region for the Winter Olympics. As I mentioned on Monday, he also brought Fred Warmbier, the father of Otto Warmbier, in his delegation as his personal guest.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Anyone who imagines that Mike Pence is less of a threat than Donald Trump doesn't know or understand Mike Pence.

The biggest difference between Trump and Pence is that Trump might launch a nuke at North Korea over an insult from Kim Jong-un he hears about on Fox & Friends, while Pence will methodically poke at Kim until he reacts and provides even the thinnest rationale for an attack.

Their methods are different. The depth of their malice is precisely the same.

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