I Support Rep. Brenda Lawrence's Choice to Play Candy Crush or Ignore Donald Trump in Whatever Other Way She Chooses

When I first read about this last night, I burst out laughing, and Iain asked what was funny, and, as I tried to explain, I was laughing so hard he could barely understand what I was saying.

The thing that was making me laugh until tears were streaming from my eyes was reading conservatives LOSING! THEIR! SHIT! on Twitter about this. Just so fucking angry, spewing with RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION their totally trenchant commentary on the DISRESPECT of playing Candy Crush while THE PRESIDENT is speaking!!!

Just to be clear: The same people who thought white supremacist Rep. Joe Wilson was a hero for shouting "You lie!" at President Barack Obama now believe that Rep. Brenda Lawrence, a Black woman, is "disrespectful" for quietly redirecting her attention away from a Donald Trump, a president who has consistently denigrated Black women.

Do conservatives never tire of being the most ludicrous hypocrites?

That's rhetorical.

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