BREAKING: Trump Declassifies Nunes Memo; Congress Publishes It

Donald Trump has declassified Rep. Devin Nunes' memo alleging bias at the FBI and Justice Department. It was declassified "in full" and no redactions were made. Congress (that is, the Republican majority) is now free to release it to the public.

Trump, who spent this morning on Twitter escalating his feud with the FBI and the Justice Department, made an incredibly inappropriate and distressing statement, upon the announcement of the declassification.

The memo was sent to Congress; it was declassified. Congress will do whatever they're going to do. But I think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. And when you look at that, and you see that, and so many other things, what's going on— [nods and mumbles] A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves, and much worse than that.

So I sent it over to Congress. They will do what they're going to do. Whatever they do is fine. It was declassified. And let's see what happens.

But a lotta people should be ashamed. Thank you very much.
Reporters asked if Trump still had confidence in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which he refused to answer. He was then asked if the memo makes it more likely that he will fire Rosenstein.

Congressional Republicans wasted no time in publishing the memo [pdf], of course.

And, as expected, it alleges that senior government and law enforcement officials abused their authority by favoring Democrats over Republicans during the election, based on cherry-picked and/or misrepresented information.

In addition to being dishonest, the memo is also just self-evidently stupid. As stupid as it is dangerous, because countless people who don't know better — and many people who should know better — are going to believe its mendacious contents.

Trust in federal law enforcement and the Justice Department will erode even further, despite the fact that any sensible person should be asking themselves why the Republican Party has a vested interest in undermining public trust in institutions that hold corrupt federal officials accountable.

We were already mired in a constitutional crisis, and now it will get even worse.

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