Trump Is a Reckless Nightmare

This is just a real thing that the United States President tweeted last night:

There are so many things wrong with that tweet, I don't even know where to begin. But this much is clear: Donald Trump is a grave danger to the country he has been elected to protect. He is a grave danger to the planet and all of its people. He must be removed from office. And his party won't do it.

Whatever happens because of his belligerent provocations, the blood is on the hands of every useless wreck in the Republican caucus.

* * *

At Axios, Mike Allen reports in the usual inappropriately gossipy tone that "some White House officials fear accidental war."
Trump's boast last night that he has a "bigger & more powerful" Nuclear Button (caps, Trump's) than North Korea has some administration insiders worried that we could blunder into war.

What they're saying: "Every war in history was an accident," said one administration insider. "You just don't know what's going to send him over the edge."
First of all, no, not every war in history was an accident. That people working in a presidential administration believe such rubbish — no less when the last Republican president famously cooked the intelligence to lead the nation to a war of choice — is terrifying and infuriating.

Secondly, if Trump launches a war with his reprehensible and irresponsible tweeting, that won't be "an accident." People, such as Hillary Clinton, have been publicly warning he could start a war with a tweet since before he was even elected (as a reason to not elect him). If a person is repeatedly urged not to engage in a behavior that is likely to have a terrible outcome, and they ignore that advice, and the terrible outcome happens precisely as predicted, that isn't "an accident."

Finally, I am extremely exhausted with and extremely frustrated by Republicans talking about Trump as though he is a force of nature outside their control. He isn't. Remove him.

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