Steve Bannon to Testify Today

Today, the House Intelligence Committee will question Steve Bannon as part of its inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The political press breathlessly reported his arrival at the U.S. Capitol. I know, because nothing is so important to report about Nazis as their sartorial choices, that he is wearing a shirt and tie.

I have no reason to trust Steve Bannon, and neither does the House Intelligence Committee. I care about his testimony only insofar as he could exploit this opportunity to further his own agenda of destroying the federal government — and I fear that some members of the House Intelligence Committee and most members of the chattering class might put stock in what Bannon says because it's too tempting not to believe him, rather than because it has any discernible veracity.

Donald Trump is a lying scoundrel who has surrounded himself with lying scoundrels. The Republican Party has shown it has no interest in finding the truth with these Congressional investigations, and consistently uses its majority status to undermine any potential for meaningful accountability to be their outcome.

So, I fear that we are more likely to end up on the other side of Bannon's testimony even further away from truth and accountability than when we are now.

Which is entirely the point, for many of the people involved.

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