Hello. Here Is Three Minutes of a Grazing Wombat.

Look, I don't know exactly how today is going to go, but, if it's anything like any other day for approximately the past fifteen months, it's gonna suck in at least three different ways, so I figured it couldn't hurt to have three minutes of a grazing wombat to turn to, just in case anyone needs it.

Video Description: A small, brown, round wombat stands in a grassy patch near a stream on a slightly overcast day. The wombat grazes on the grass, munching contentedly. The wombat slowly moves in a circle, continuing to pull and eat blades of grass. This continues for three minutes.

* * *

I would like to point out that the description on this video at YouTube reads: "What actually is a Wombat? To be honest I don't know. But they are cute! The only thing a Wombat does is eating, sleeping, and to make new Wombats! Sounds like a heavenly life, doesn't it?"


In another video by this videographer and poet, the same wombat drinks from the stream, noms more grass, and then drinks more water from between some rocks while balancing on a wee grassy patch. The description on that video is: "I met this acrobatic Wombat at the Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania."

It is titled "The dancing wombat," and when someone in comments takes issue with the fact that the wombat doesn't appear to be dancing, the videographer replies, "It is dancing very slow." LOL.

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