What We Mean by "Believe Women"

"Believe Women" does not mean, and has never meant, that men accused of sexual harassment and/or assault should meet legal or professional consequences without investigation or adequate process.

People are having the same fucking problem with Believe Women as they do with Black Lives Matter. They are rejecting the obvious rhetorical structure that it's a plea for something as much as an argument for what is right and true (but is nevertheless not currently the prevailing view).

The reason we say Believe Women is because women are disbelieved as a default.

It's about changing our perspective; about not reflexively treating victims of sex crimes differently from victims of all other crimes, in a way that significantly disadvantages them and meaningfully advantages sexual predators.

It's about a critical realignment that puts the focus on justice for survivors rather than abetting abusers.

Victims, especially women, are regarded as liars by default. That must change.

That's what Believe Women is all about.

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