It Is a Big Deal

[Content Note: Rape culture; rape apologia; description of sexual assault.]

Last night, I started seeing a lot of defenses of Louis CK that used the familiar rape apologia strategy of minimizing the acts of sexual abuse he committed against at least five women (and almost certainly more). So I wrote a thread, a very blunt thread, about when that happened to me, which I've briefly mentioned here before.

I've turned that thread into a Moment, for anyone who wants to read it: "On the Gravity of What Louis CK Did, and Why Minimizing It Is Harmful."

This, in case it has not become obvious, is a significant part of why I have been doggedly amplifying the "open secret" about Louis CK for many years.

I know both the trauma of experiencing this sort of sexual abuse, and the inclination of many people to dismiss it as "no big deal."

I take up space in solidarity with the women he harmed. I believed them always, and I hope they are safe after speaking out.

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