I Still Have No Idea What Donna Brazile Is Doing

So, on the latest stops on her WHAT THE FUCK tour, Donna Brazile took a cool selfie with nightmare human Sheriff David Clarke and then stopped by Tucker Carlson's show on Fox, where she invited him to go fishing.

Meanwhile, Rachel Cantor, a former Hillary for America staffer, published a piece on Medium which includes a video of Brazile stopping by Clinton campaign headquarters during the campaign, and it hardly depicts the austere, joyless collection of soulless robots she described. To the absolute contrary:

I don't know what is going on with Brazile, but I don't buy the explanation that it's just about selling her book or getting a job on Fox News.

This can't just be about money, because the money in books and appearances right now...is with Hillary. Think about it. It's Hillary's book that's the massive seller. It's Hillary's appearances that are selling out with high ticket prices. If she'd hitched her wagon to Hillary, that would be more lucrative than whatever the fuck it is she's doing right now.

So what is the motivation? I'm afraid none of the possible answers are good.

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