This Is Nazi Sh1t

I don't know what purpose it would serve not to be as blunt about this stuff as possible, so let's be frank: This clip of former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka at the Values Voter Summit is straight-up Nazi shit:

The Left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens, as people unfettered by being part of the U.S. government. And as you can see, from the campaigning I did for Judge Moore, and Steve [Bannon] as well, we have begun! [applause]
So, as you may recall, when Steve Bannon was "fired," and lots of folks were cheering about getting the Nazis out of the White House, I noted like the killjoy I am that it wasn't a firing, but a freeing — as Bannon would be able to be a much more effective propagandist outside the White House. I also said Gorka would be next, for the same reason, and so he was.

Now here we are. And Gorka is explicitly confirming that they are using their visibility and the influence with which they were empowered by being elevated in Donald Trump's White House to do even more "damage" to progressives and our values than they could have done if they'd remained employed by the federal government.

Yet doing every bit of it on behalf of the president.


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