Of Course Trump Is Sowing Discord Among Sports Fans

Of course Donald Trump is sowing discord among sports fans. Of course he is.

Because sport is one of the last arenas in which people with vastly different political views can still set aside their differences for a couple of hours and be on the same team.

Because sport is one the few arenas in which white boys have Black role models, and boys can have female role models. (Donald Trump doesn't care who girls look up to.)

Because sport is one of the only arenas in which it costs virtually nothing to be a fan: There's nothing one has to buy, and many games, races, matches, fixtures, and various competitions from a variety of sports are viewable on network television. Even with ticket prices having skyrocketed and the cost of jerseys being ridiculous these days, and so forth and so on, sport itself isn't exclusive to the very wealthy.

None of this works with Donald Trump's divisive, white supremacist, chauvinist, classist worldview.

And he is not a president who is interested in unity. He is a president who is interested in division. In pitting Americans against one another. In exploiting every crack in every last space in which solidarity of any sort might yet exist.

He knows we're stronger together, and so — with, as always, a little help from his friends in Russia — he seeks to make us weaker apart.

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